Dear Non Iranian Friends,

I am an Iranian living outside Iran, I was asked earnestly by my under threat friends in Iran to write this letter to you. One of them told me today via a messenger ” Do you think we are heard? They don’t blink to shoot, write to people, tell them what is going on here” . So this is their letter to the world:

Less than a week ago, we Iranians, all clad in green, were getting ready to celebrate in anticipation a “New Greeting to the World”. We were excited and hopeful despite all the restrictions we had. We were to take one further step toward democracy. We were determined to show the world that we are one peaceful nation. we wanted to amend the tarnished image that Ahmadinejad has constructed for our beloved country. Presidential elections was one of our few chances to practice that. It wasn’t a free election, as by Iranian law, all candidates are to be screened beforehand by the Iranian supreme Leader’s appointed Guardian Council members.We were given four options, and we chose the most moderate one, Mir Hoseing Mousavi. Mousavi, a reformist artist, as we believe was the best choice we had.

We all took to the polling stations world over and here in Iran. To our absolute disbelief and shock, the Iranian government media announced Ahmadinejad’s victory two hours before the election ended. The irregularities were countless. We felt robbed, insulted and angry if not “raped”. Shamelessly, they announced the victory for Ahmadinejad with 61% of votes. But WHO ARE THEY Fooling?

Along with thousands of renowned Iranian artists, hundreds of university professors, many journalists, even some influential clergymen, and many other prominent figures, there were US, normal people from all walks of life, students, nurses, doctors, teachers, mothers, fathers, grandparents and retirees. Who is this so-called ” winner” fooling?

If they are telling the truth, why is it that all the mobile services, SMS services and the Internet have been cut off? Where are those 61% supporters? How come they raided university dorms at night arresting more than 150 and killing brutally tens of vulnerable students? Why have they filtered almost all the websites, even Facebook, gmail and messengers? Which message are they terrified would get out? Why are just those websites that are supporting Ahamidnejad accessible? Why have the foreign correspondents been ordered not to film or report the reality? Why have they been asked to leave the country? Why are the other candidates not allowed to use the public media and even talk to their supporters? Why have almost all the reformists, journalists and students activists been arrested? Why have they buried the murdered students without even informing their families? What are they so afraid , since, as they claim 61% of the voters supported them?

We strongly believe that they have rigged our votes. We are trying to show our disapproval as peacefully as we can do. On the 15the of June, about a million of us gathered in Tehran’s main square asking “WHERE IS MY VOTE?”. It wasn’t all of us, most were simply too scared to participate as we are under constant threat. We are being beaten bitterly, even the bystanders, we are being arrested, tortured.  We want the world to know that some of the militia are not even Iranian. They hired non Iranians to kill their own people. An ultimate shame. The past few days, so many calls have been made to people with this recorded message : “You were seen yesterday rallying in the street, this is your last chance, or you’ll see the dire consequences.” Many cares and residential complexes have been broken into to terrify people. They also take the casualties away to unknown places and threat doctors to claim that the those who have been killed actually died while they were under operation.

They other day, Ahmadinejad called us, who voted against him and protesting against the fraud, “dust and litter”. We, Iranians in Iran, ask you the supporters of democracy all over the world, not to let us end up as he wishes.  Help us to take this hard step and claim our wish, help us make our voice heard by people who want a peaceful world. Please ask your government not to recognize Ahmadinejad as Iran’s president. Don’t fall for what Ahmadinejad’s media claims. Remember that Saddam Hossein won the Election with 100% of votes. We and the world do not need any would-be Saddam Hosein. Please help to stop a bloodshed, another Tienanmen square, only it’s worse. Iran is bleeding now, many young, innocent people are being killed and we believe although the bleeding is for Iran but the pain will be for the whole world.

What we are asking is the rigged election to be annulled and having a fair one, under UN supervision.

Please go to Facebook and join the “Where is my vote” movement, where you can find few pictures of this horrific massacre. There is also a petition on line to go against this shameful rigged election, you can find it in this address, please sign if democracy is what you think is the proper way of ruling a country.



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